Why Work With Us

Bob1Does it become irritating for you when you need service by your phone company?  Then you find out that it is going to be at least 2 or maybe 3 days before you can be serviced!  Lakes Telecom does not provide that kind of service.  It is very seldom that if you call us for service, tadalafil sovaldi that you will wait more than 24 hours.  The only time that may happen is when there is another customer that is completely out of service and cannot conduct daily business.

When you need to call us for any type of service, viagra sale you will get a live person.  If you don’t, the Automated Attendant will pick up the phone and tell you how to find someone.  Your choices will be 3 for Deb; our Office Manager, 4 for Bob; our Owner, and 5 for Ryan; our Technician.  Once you have made you selection, you will be forwarded to that person at their desk or if we are not in the office, you will find us on our cell phones.

We service the North Metro  and try to focus our attention on the small businesses in the area.  This area covers as far north as North Branch,Debas far east as Osceola, as far south as Roseville, and as far west as Anoka.   This is what allows us to provide much quicker service to our customers.  We also act as your advocate to the service provider so you don’t have to deal with the headache.  You can focus on what you do best and that is running your business.  Let us deal with the service provider for you.

We are not exclusive to any one Telephone, or Internet service provider in the area.  We have access to about 40 different service providers for phone service and internet service.  We have the ability to shop for the best service in the area that will fit your needs.  If that service does not work the way it was promised, we can help find better service for you.

We also provide complete installation support during the process.  This means that if you are replacing yRyan1our computers and have specific software that is required to run your business; We will deal with that service provider as well to ensure your replaced or upgraded computer runs just as the old computer did.  The only noticeable difference will be the increased productivity of your computer.   We also try to support products purchased outside of Lakes Telecom and make them work the way you desire.

 We would like to have the opportunity to earn your business, we will only to sell you what it is you need.  Lakes Telecom does not believe in selling you something if it is not economically smart to do so.  This means that if you have out dated equipment, we will always do our best to help you get the most out of your current equipment.  Then when you can afford to upgrade your equipment, you know that you are in excellent hands working with us.

Lastly, we are the small business just like you.  We understand what it means to work hard to stay in business.  That’s why we understand the importance of financially planning upgrades for small businesses.  We do not believe in selling a fix all just to make money.  We would much rather keep our customers long term.  Many of our customers might not call us for 2 or 3 years but when they do, they tell us that we haven’t had to call you until now.


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