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Their team of engineers have been performing RAID data recovery since the emergence of RAID array storage and as the founders of the field of RAID data recovery we adhere to all industry standards, practices and regulatory compliance’s. Your RAID data recovery will be performed within the guidelines you require and with complete confidentiality.
In-lab, remote and onsite recovery services to meet your needs
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  • RAID Recovery Labs founded the field of RAID data recovery, we are the only dedicated RAID recovery lab in the field of data recovery..
  • All recoveries are performed by RAID recovery labs engineers, whether it’s in-lab, remote or onsite.
  • Over 90% of all our recoveries are successfully solved the same day we receive them.
  • Our recovery success rate is the highest in the industry and backed by references in every major industry segment.
  • We perform many secondary successful recoveries every month of arrays deemed failed and unrecoverable by other supposed data recovery companies.
  • All calls are handled by actual RAID recovery engineers. No sales staff like you’ll find at other data recovery companies.
  • Honest, straight forward pricing, no sales gimmics and no vague price ranges.
  • Homeland Security certified to offer same day shipping services both domestic and international.
  • Lab hours are 24/7, 365 days per year and no emergency fees. We perform emergency recoveries all over the world working in many different time zones and are always open.
  • The only lab to offer discount pricing for Students, Education Institutions, Non-Profits, Military and Government Organizations.


  • Below is a list of things to avoid performing when your RAID array has failed. If you have performed one or more of the following it does not mean your data is unrecoverable, they can just potentially cause further damage hindering a fully successful recovery:
  • Do not reinitialize your RAID array – this can destroy information required to successfully recover your array.
  • Do not run FSCK or any FSCK variant – This can damage your file system. MD can still show a valid volume even when the disks have synchronization errors. Running any form of FSCK can cause further damage to your file system.
  • Do not run CHKDSK – Depending on the damage to your file system CHDK can cause further damage.
  • Do not rebuild your RAID array – Doing so can re-stripe your data causing permanent damage.
  • Do not rely on your hardware vendor – Hardware support technicians are not RAID data structure engineers and can caue further damage trying to correct your array at a hardware level.


The data recovery industry has exploded with break/fix IT companies armed with inexpensive commercial data recovery tools and no practical experience or training and are offering recovery services. They either damage your data further, destroy it completely or broker it out and jack the price up. Others have formed “brokerages” and have web sites showing they are in every major city and state and have nothing more then a partnership with a data recovery company and use IT shops as fronts or are just a shipping office.

You’ll note on every data recovery web site you go to (not ours) they offer a Partnership Program, this means it will cost you, they are not giving their own money away we assure you. They inflate the price for your recovery and from what we have seen not by a little, we’ve witnessed it by thousands of dollars. They work by deep pocket theory and threshold of pain and will hold your data until you pay their outrageous prices. This has become a huge problem in this industry and these companies need to be exposed, below are a few things to be aware of and to think about when seeking RAID data recovery services:

  • Advertising Hype: Do they make ridiculous claims? World Leader’s, 100% guarantee, fastest and cheapest, twice as fast and half the cost, etc? These are gimmicks and boasts that can’t be backed up, like Rated #1….by who?. Nobody can guarantee your recovery until they have fully evaluated your array. Fast and cheap, well you get what you pay for. We take pride in the fact that we have techniques that yield about a 90% solve rate the same day, but that’s doesn’t translate to 100% guarantee. Some arrays depending on both the failure scenario and post failure procedures that might have been attempted to recover the array can create conditions that just takes proper time to correctly and accurately recover from. Would you want it fast and cheap or accurate and correct?
  • Domain Name Confusion: RAID Recovery Labs founded the field of dedicated RAID data recovery engineering many years ago. Over the last few years other companies posing as RAID Recovery Labs have come up with similar and confusing domain and company names to steer people away to them. They even us our language and name when speaking to them to create further confusion. RAID Recovery Labs Inc., is the original RAID recovery lab don’t let them confuse you. If your uncertain who your talking to call our 800 number and ask for Mr. Craig Snapp, president and co-founder of RAID Recovery Labs or Dr. Jeremiah Weaver, CTO and co-founder, either will be happy to take your direct call.
  • Do not tell the person your speaking with “what” the nature of your data is or they will base their pricing on the value of your data. They know your data is valuable or you wouldn’t be seeking recovery. Avoid telling them it’s your payroll database, financials, critical Corp. data, etc., rather tell them format types (DB’s, xls, doc, pdf, etc).
  • Make sure your speaking to an actual recovery engineer. Most all of these fake recovery companies have commissioned sales people and for you to understand the complexities of your recovery, cost to value to you, you need to speak to an actual recovery engineer.
  • Don’t go into detail of the urgency of your recovery needs, this just gives them more information to base their pricing on your “threshold of pain” financially. Express your timing needs, but try not to show your true sense of urgency.
  • Pricing: Understand the complete breakdown of your recovery costs, request a formal quote if necessary. Vague pricing or arbitrary price ranges are an indicator of incompetence or brokerage. No cost, no data, free evaluations, 100% data recovery guarantee’s these are scams, no engineering company can guarantee a recovery they haven’t seen yet!
  • Free Evaluation: RAID recovery is a extremely intense mathematical problem that requires a skilled engineer and mathematician. What business can afford an engineer to put hours into a recovery project for free? Nobody works for free. So are they really putting forth their best effort to get your data? No these outfits try and work on a volume basis and if they can’t solve it quickly, they fail it and move on to the next one. Normally a free evaluation will also come with a vague recovery quote, i.e., $2,500 – $25,000, we had a client that just the other day told us of an outfit in Seattle that quoted this vague range. We constantly perform secondary recoveries where these outfits told the client their data was unrecoverable and purposely damaged the array further to attempt to keep a reputable lab from recovering it. If you’ve been told your data is not recoverable call us, don’t be tricked into losing your data for a free evaluation.
  • Multiple Locations: Nothing says “we don’t do our own work” like a map full of pin dots. The scam artists go to great lengths to make themselves look huge with recovery labs in every major city. RAID recovery services is a very small industry of professionals, less then ten companies in the world possess the skills necessary to perform complex RAID recoveries.
  • Core Competency: Data recovery (single hard drive, camera cards, thumb drives, etc) is not RAID recovery. Raid recovery is purely complex Boolean algebra, damaged equations and requires a highly skilled mathematician to perform the recovery. Being able to recover a single hard drive or camera card doesn’t translate to having the skills to recovery a RAID array.
  • References are always a good idea, this is your data and you should know who your working with. Every data recovery web site has logos of NASA, DOD, major corporations, fancy pictures of “clean rooms”, etc., see if they are real. They just download a bunch of impressive looking logo’s and post them, whose going to know unless you question it. Most of our clients require full autonomy, they don’t want anyone to know they have experienced a potential data loss and they will not allow you to list them in any fashion. 70% of our clients demand this level of autonomy and we respect it, they will however take reference calls for us when the situation is warranted.
  • Clean room repair: you will see certifications and pictures of very expensive looking clean rooms, these are always funny to us, look closely, most are pictures of clean rooms for semiconductor manufacturing or medical clean room facilities that have nothing to do with data recovery. You’ll see people dressed in clean room suits, breathing apparatus, etc., just ridiculous, a Class 100 clean room is not a facility that requries these things. Hard drive repairs can be a costly procedure depending on the type of damage, but this is not always a requirement in array data recovery. Watch out for unwarranted repair fees based on false “clean room” requirements.
  • Did they answer all your questions? Did they give you a clear understanding as to what has happened to your array and the effects it could have on your data? Did they discuss better ways to protect your data in the future based on your failure scenario? Did they offer anything other than a quote?


The best we can do is tell you to use common sense and don’t get taken in by gimmicks and hype. Conclude your call with a complete understanding as to what has happened to your array, what is required to recovery it, potential hurdles to overcome, timing & costs. Unless you get at minimum these questions answered clearly walk away your heading for a huge disappointment and a potentially costly one.

They offer In-lab, remote and onsite recovery services to meet your needs
Call for a quote at 1.800.892.8302
or email inquiries to:
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