Low Voltage Cabling

It’s one thing to see a finished product.  But, what is going on behind the scenes?  What makes your phone system work properly?  What makes it possible for the computers to communicate properly?  Lakes Telecom understands how it all works.  Low voltage cabling is one part of the hardware to the software that makes it all work.

Minnesota Statutes 2007, Chapter 326B, 326B.01
The law states that an individual who plans, lays out, installs, alters, and repairs electrical wiring, apparatus, and equipment for technology circuits or systems must be licensed as a power limited technician by the commissioner (of the Department of Labor and Industry).

The law also states that an individual who supervises the installing, altering, and repairing of electrical wiring, apparatus, and equipment for technology circuits or systems must be licensed as a power limited technician by the Department of Labor and Industry.


Frequently asked: Question & Answers

Here are some of the questions that can be answered by looking at the rules:


Q:  Do I need a permit, or better called a request for inspection for low voltage work?

A: Yes and No. look at the Licensing and Inspection chart. What kind of work are you doing?  Example: Fire alarm in a 1 or 2 families home, No. Fire alarm in other than a 1 or two family dwelling, Yes Wiring an air conditioner relay that controls the compressor, Yes any class 2 or class three circuit that controls line voltage. Work at the local Auto Body shop? Answer: Yes, if you are working within the confines of the area defined as Hazardous, all Hazardous locations require an inspection and Licensing.

Q:  Can a Non Licensed tech do any work at all that requires a license? 

A:   Yes, under direct supervision of a Licensed PLT.

QCan a company do their own wiring of Phone, Data or audio?

A: Yes, if they are a Registered (Unlicensed) employer who employs a PLT or a Master Electrician. They are limited to working on their own property leased or owned and on their own equipment.

Q:  Can I subcontract to someone who has a PLT license?

A: No, they must also have a Contractor’s License to perform work in Minnesota, this assures that they have Insurance work comp etc. if not it could come back on you as the one who sold the job.

Q: When will the new Satellite installers license be available?

A:  After October 1, 2012

Q: Is it okay for a registered unlicensed tech to terminate fire alarm devices?

A: Yes, as long as the enclosure does not contain unprotected power and light circuits or it is not in a hazardous location, and then they could if they are directly supervised.

Q: If the responsible PLT for my company leaves unexpectedly what am I required to do?

A: The company is required to notify the DOLI within 30 days of the replacement PLT or cease and desist doing business that requires a license.  Continue to invoice for work already completed and contracting to another licensed company to complete work in progress is  acceptable until a replacement is in place and all paperwork completed.

Q:  My employee is registered unlicensed and is working in a class 3 classified location with an electrical contractor that we work with regularly.  Is it acceptable for that contractor, electrician to supervise my employee?

A:  No!  Supervision must be done by someone employed by the same employer.

Q:  If I have an employee who is on call on weekends and evenings who drives his personal vehicle to the office to pick up his work truck to go on a call, does his personal vehicle need to be marked?

A:   No, he is only going to work, the vehicle only needs to be marked if it used in the course of doing work that requires a license.

Q:  The state says I have not met my CE requirements to renew my license. What do I need to do if I think I have?

A:   Look at your certificates and see when you took your classes. Were they all after you renewed your current license? Did you duplicate classes? Did you take at least 4 hours of code in the 16 total hours? These are all things we find when people call for help. As a last ditch effort, call us and we will try to help.

Q:  I am only a registered unlicensed technician. When can I take my exam to become licensed?

A:  Only after you have 3 years of experience as a registered tech and working for a licensed contractor. During those three years you must have 2,000 hours each year doing technical work. Some variations of this apply so look at the website if you have further questions.


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